Sunday, February 05, 2006

This week in ROOM 103, students are working on the Ultimate European Vacation project. They chose a European country and have to plan an all expense trip to that country. We spent the whole week researching in the computer lab. Next week, they will be presenting a scrapbook or photo journal of their virtual trip and share their adventures in the target country with their class. In this photo, Sarah and Brad find traditional foods from their chosen country. Posted by Picasa
Ryan strategizing with his team. Posted by Picasa
Today students are puting the finishing touches on their "Ultimate European Vacation" project. Students are cutting and pasting and practicing their presentations. Posted by Picasa
Ashley has been working very hard this term. She and Stephanie will be traveling to Finland because Ashley's family comes from there and she already celebrates many of their traditions. Posted by Picasa
While Karlie works hard, Dominic day dreams and Mark saves the world from invading Zombies!
 Posted by Picasa
Chelsea, Patrick and Ben just love Project Cutting and Pasting day! They are going to Switzerland. Posted by Picasa
Zeebah Belly Dancers practice in ROOM 103 Mondays and Wed. 3-4pm. Girlzz, come and join! To see more pictures of Zeebah dancers visit Posted by Picasa
4 of the lovely ROOM 103 TAs: Bri, Sarah, Marah and Shri Posted by Picasa
Roman, checkin' out vital information on Blackboard. Posted by Picasa
Cam is going to Ireland!! Posted by Picasa
John, Justin and Josh planning their adventure to Poland. Posted by Picasa