Sunday, February 12, 2006

For Circle Day this month, we had a visit from our adopted soldier, Brian Daniels. Brian is a 2005 GLHS graduate. Last Fall, he came to visit us a week before he was deployed to Iraq. In October, he surprised this class (3rd hr. World Studies) with a phone call from camp Tahji, Iraq. He told us of his adventures and what his daily routine was like. Then in November, we were horrified to hear that our favorite soldier had been terribly wounded in a deadly explosion while doing his daily rounds. In December, he returned to Grand Ledge and we got to see him in on the local news. He was awarded a purple heart for his bravery and was engaged to his now fiance, Michelle (also a GLHS alumni), at Christmas.
We were privilaged to hear first hand, the efforts of the US army in Iraq and were able to ask many questions about things that we hear and see in the news daily. His emotional story made us realize that war ain't a tea party.
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Brian told us stories of his experiences in Iraq. Especially eye opening, were his view on the Iraqi culture. Amber, Chris and Sarah listen with interest. Posted by Picasa
We shared an emotional moment as Brian shared the death of his army brothers and best friends when his truck was attacked by a burried explosive. Brian was the only one who survived the attack. Posted by Picasa