Saturday, November 08, 2008

In Search of Clean Underwear!?!?!
My teammate Molly's suitcase did not make it to Hong Kong at the same time she did. So the night of our arrival, we decided to go out and buy the essentials. As you know, my hotel is located inside a mall that boasts 700+ stores. Well, in Michigan, that all sounded fantastic! In the real world, it is a virtual nightmare. A happy nightmare but a nightmare non the less.
I mean, I have been to some of the world's largest malls but this one takes the cake. I am guessing it probably takes up a couple-three city blocks and connects several large skyscrapers and office buildings together.
The mall is called Harbor City and it is subdivided into different departments. Every department (like childrens, sports, youth, etc) has a gazillion stores and it is about the size of a football field. it took us almost 30 minutes to even find the lady's department so we could buy underwear. We kept getting turned around, asking for directions and then getting turned around again and again. The hardest part was trying to stay focused on the pursuit of the underwear....there was merchandise calling me left and right...making it impossible to keep my eyes on the prize....what a nightmare!!!
It was almost a full hour+ before Molly actually purchased the underthings dang it!
The mall even had several harbor outlets so huge cruise ships like this one could dock right on the side of the mall and let tourists in....!?!?!

Watch the in search for undies videos 1 (left) and 2 (right)

Hong Kong Tid Bit

by Nick Mulder, World History 2nd hr.

Hong Kong is a city in China made up of 235 islands and a section of mainland called Kowloon. Settlement in Hong Kong began during the Paleolithic era. It was occupied by England in 1841. Durring the first half of the 20th century Hong Kong was a free port. Hong Kong has similar government to us with three branches. Hong Kong is made up of territories and districts. About 95 % of Hong Kong’s population is of Chinese descent.

It takes up about 426 square miles of land. 4.6 % of the area is covered in water. The land is very mountainous. The average yearly temperature is between 65 and 85 degrees F. Summers in Hong Kong are similar to Michigan summers. The population in 2008 is about 6,985,200 people.

Nick has earned 10 Cantonese points toward his Unit #3 test. Thanx for playin', Nick!

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Molly is the most important half of the American delegation to the Innovative Teacher forum. She is definately the "structure" to my "fluff & hype". She is, like, super accomplished, has her own education consulting company and works as a course developer and virtual soc. teacher @ Michigan Virtual University.
We have been working together for the Microsoft CareerForward project for a couple of years now. Last year, after months of development, we took the show on the road and traveled all over the state of Michigan training trainers (mostly education Information Specialist and Technicians) how to teach this course to teachers. Now CareerForward has been released nationally and it is free to all students in the US that care to take it. Hopefully, after HK we will be working on the International launch of this very cool, very useful course.
We plan to work hard all year to create CareerForward 2 (Urban Edition) and enter the project in next year's National Microsoft Innovative Teacher Forum in Seatle to see if we get selected again to go to the next International Competition. Yeah...we are pretty addicted!!!