Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It is a great time to be studying Islam. This week we began to study the Middle East and have spent time studying the 3 monotheistic religions of the Middle East, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Students were very surprised to learn that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have very similar roots.
We began with Islam because it has been in the media every day since Sept. 11.
After learning about the basic beliefs of Muslims and the 5 pillars of Islam, we talk about the pight of Muslim Americans since 9/11. Many Americans have developed a fear of Islam and of Muslims fed by the stereotypes sought by most media outlets. Today we discussed the facts about Islam and compared them to some of the information that has become prevelent in
American society. We also watched a short documentary about the Hajj and marvelled at the beauty and poetry of the Muslim pilgrimage. A muslim ABC reporter took us into the places in Mecca were non-Muslims are not allowed. In the pictures you will see a Muslim American family and also the Kaaba, in Saudi Arabia.