Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Travel with me to Africa this Christmas. Please visit this blog often to follow my crazy travels, learned lots about Africa and earn some needed Extra Credit. Feel free to comment on the blog itself with comments, questions and suggestions.

social games are a huge part of every culture. They offer an opportunity to relax and more importantly to socialize with people you would other wise not relate to. This old game of spoons had these 5 smiling for the entire class hr. It is a great way to spend the last few academic hours of 2006.
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Henna Master
Pilar Hernandez learned to apply henna as a way to accessories the body for belly dancing. Henna is an herb that when mixed water and lemon juice becomes a thick mud paste. This paste has very high dying properties and is used to decorate the body. She really enjoys leering about cultural and religious are and lately she has become a henna master. If you want a henna tattoo, find Pilar. She will be happy to draw your favorite design.
David enjoyed getting a beautiful tattoo on the back of his neck..

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Beautiful Work. Here is a great example of Pilar's work. In India and in many other cultures, women wear henna as accessories to beautify the face, hands, belly,back and feet.
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This is a picture of Mrs. Glenda Fernandez, our guest speaker from Cuba.
After learning about Latin America all month, we were fortunate enough to have Mrs. Glenda Fernandez speak about Cuba. Mrs Fernandez is Nathan Fernandez' grandma and was a very interesting guest. She spoke about her life in Cuba when she was a teenage and how as the Cuban government was taken over by Fidel Castro, her family had to flee for their safety and freedom to the US.

She brought a guayava and cream cheese snack, plantain chips and a really plantain for students to sample and see. Students were able to ask lots of questions and learn about what life in a communist country is like.
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