Sunday, September 27, 2009


It has been an amazing school year already and it is only week 4!!! I am teaching an extended schedule just like last year so it is difficult to make time to blog. However, I cannot possibly give up journaling about what goes on in Rm 103 so I will post when I can.

So far this year, I have introduced the newly restructured, all improved Blackboard aided Hybrid course to my students. I am very excited about sharing each online chapter with them, because there are goodies at every turn. Each year, the students seem to accept this learning option, more and more. I have 99% freshmen this year and I am really glad they are the first to see this new version of my World History Hybrid course.

Right now about 92% of my students are actively hitting the blackboard website almost every day. I have even seen a hike in numbers of students using Blackboard who do not have internet access at home. Student of different learning styles and academic levels are finding useful online resources on Bboard to help them learn.

This week, we used the new high school iPod lab to take online quizzes. The feedback from the students was surprisingly very positive. More and more students feel more comfortable with the idea of taking academic assessment on a gadget they normally used for entertainment. Like last year, the students will have the also be taking quizzes and test from home....They absolutely LOVED this idea....I absolutely LOVE them for LOVING this idea...LOL!