Friday, May 12, 2006

Admiring the price of fine art
Jennifer, Jennie and Cary enjoyed themselves at the art exhibit. Carey liked all the pictures. Jennie and Jennifer were blown away by the $5,000-$50,000 price tag some of Picasso's art work commands. Posted by Picasa
Alex taking a break at the Picasso Exhibit. There was so much to see. Here she is appreciating one of Pablo Picasso's pottery pieces. Posted by Picasa
Playing with my camera Posted by Picasa
Hitting the pavement with Luke, Evan, Blake and Joey Posted by Picasa
Mmmmmh Omi Sushi! Amanda and Sarah eating eel. Posted by Picasa
Whachu gonna do when dey come for you
These outlaws set off the store alarm and got hassled by store security.
 Posted by Picasa
Andrew, Christy and John having a blast Posted by Picasa
Angela and Jennifer browsing Posted by Picasa