Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ashley and Sarah went to Italy on their Ultimate vacation Posted by Picasa
Dani and Katie Presenting their trip. Posted by Picasa
ROOM 103 TA Chris smiling at his loyal fan club! Posted by Picasa
ROOM 103 TA Christy seconds before her vampire powers kick in.. Posted by Picasa
ROOM 103 Teacher Assistants Christy and Chris slaving under a mountain of Ragatz-impossed paper work Posted by Picasa
Quiet Please
Morgan, Erika, Jennie and Dougie (in back) reading, "Please Stop Laughing at Me" during reading time. Posted by Picasa
For the next couple of weeks, our school will be reading "Please Stop Laughing at Me..." by Jodee Blanco. It is a book about bullying. In room 103, we will be joining the entire school and reading during the prescribed reading time. Posted by Picasa