Monday, May 15, 2006

Getting Started
Before we began the academic portion of the field trip. Mrs. Carvi and Pria Carvi (a sophmore at Okemos High School) gave us a pre test to see how much we knew about Hinduism. We then sat through two 45 minute lectures that included some very interesting new and less understoon facts about the religion. Immediately, students started asking questions which instantly turned up the interest volume. Wow, like where were these questions coming from? "Is Moksha the ultimate goal of Hindus?", "Can Hindu reincarnate as a Christian or a Muslim?, If so, can his/her Atman return after death or do they just go to heaven/paradise?", "How does a fly accomplish Dharma?"
It sure made me look good. I just smirked at a very impressed Mrs Carvi and I took all the credit! Thanx guyzzz.
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