Wednesday, December 20, 2006

After learning about Latin America all month, we were fortunate enough to have Mrs. Glenda Fernandez speak about Cuba. Mrs Fernandez is Nathan Fernandez' grandma and was a very interesting guest. She spoke about her life in Cuba when she was a teenage and how as the Cuban government was taken over by Fidel Castro, her family had to flee for their safety and freedom to the US.

She brought a guayava and cream cheese snack, plantain chips and a really plantain for students to sample and see. Students were able to ask lots of questions and learn about what life in a communist country is like.
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Senora Ragatz!! Hola! Que Pasa? Yo estoy muay bein - y muay cansada!! - Not too bad for limited memory on the spanish after not using it for a while, huh? haha!! I was just browsing the GLPS site for job postings and came across a link to look @ Educators' sites so I checked it out; one link click led to another and viola! Here am I. ;) I really hope all is going well for you - you look great!!! I hope to get a chance to e-mail you soon and fill you in on more from my end (the west side of the state)!! :) take care(I need to get back to the resumes and job postings!) !!!
-- Jennifer Pirie --