Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Since my last visit to Guinea, many things have change. The Oil!! Back then only natural gas deposits where being exploited. The economy has been affected greatly. New infrastructure are sprouting left and right. Paved highways, cars everywhere, lots of money circulation...This is the new Guinea. Yes, the changes are obvious but not all of them are positive. The new money has created inflation of almost 1000% in 5 years. Something that cost $10 (500 Franco CFAs = $1USD) back then, now costs $100. Something that was $100,000 is now a million bucks!!!

White collar salaries have kept up with the inflation but blue collar salaries and hourly workers have not fared so well. No matter, people seem very happy here and they are really enjoying the new situation. There is poverty but not misery. In general, I found an air of much optimism here.

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