Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hakuna Matata! Don't bother asking anyone anything important because you can never get straight answers to most basic questions. Things here happen because the happen, when they happen and period. Do not look for explanations...
Question: "Where is the Restaurante Tropicana?"
Answer: "Over there!" (pointing with the chin)

Question: "When are we going to the Restaurante Tropicana?"
Answer:"yeah, right about now" (but didn't he say that 2 hrs ago??)

Question: "How does this work?"
Answer: "Well..." (at this point you might want to pull up a chair and marvel at the many ways one can combine words to say absolutely nothing)
No matter, I believe our workoholic society could take a page from this Guinean leisurely attitude. At first, this was very frustrating to me but after about 3 days, I stopped looking at my watch, I let go and simply allowed the culture to lead me. This was the first time in a zillion years that I spent more than 2 consecutive days without an agenda...and guess what? I did not even break out in a rash or nothin'....It is the art of doing absolutely nothing, yet getting many things done. I will take this home with me.

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