Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dream Team
Here is my new team (part of it anyway). World Innovative Teachers G6 Team!!
(from left to right) Jae Yang Park (S. Korea), Nanie (Brunei), Me (USA..duh!) Yin Kuan (Singapore), George (Greece), Unknow Tour Guide (Hong Kong). Missing from the shot, Mathew Ong (Singapore), Bum Joo Park (S. Korea)

These teachers are all winners of Microsoft's Innovative Teacher of the Year competition in their respective countries. Some of them won out over as many as 60,000 entries!! Their projects are all ridiculously innovative and mind blowing. The stuff they do in their classrooms makes me shake like a crack whore.These guys are the dream team of International tech teachers and I get to be the poser among them...puhahaha.

I am so humbled by their accomplishments that I feel like a helpless babbling stroke victim when it is my turn to verbally contribute to team discussions!!!

We will be working together during this next year to produce a top of the line project for next year's Microsoft gig in South Africa. Man, the ideas are flowing like Tsunami waves and our project is about to ROCK!!!

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