Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hong Kong Street Scenes

The streets of Hong Kong are always crowded. People walk at a relatively fast pace here. They also plow their way through unsuspecting tourist. People are not really playing 'chicken' like I literary have to get out of their way or they will plow into you!!

This must be a natural
defense mode that people here have developed to manage the amazing over crowding.

Despite this energetic way of sharing the side walk, I saw no road rage by drivers or pedestrians. When people bumped into me, they simply excused themselves politely and went on their way.

Steep Streets
Most of the streets in Hong Kong are ridiculously steep. It reminds me of San Francisco except these streets are a lot more crowded. The building are also very close together and incredibly tall. People here live in harmony even though they are so packed in together.
Most of the apartment buildings are at least 30 floors tall.
Man, I would hate forget my books in my 48th floor apartment once I got to the bottom of the street!...what if the elevator breaks?? its no wonder everyone here has amazing gluts and calves...

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