Friday, April 28, 2006


To work to dissolve the current views on Islam and muslims, 27 students joined me at the East Lansing Islamic Center. The center put on a lecture about Islam in the media in response to the unfortunate cartoons of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Amanda, Brooke, Cody and Jennifer look on as Muslims and non Muslims engage in this academic exercise. A pastor, an imam, 2 religion professors and a media specialist gave their opinnions about this issue. It was an eye opening experience for the students because even though they felt a bit unconfortable at first (they had to take their shoes off at the door...that bugged out a few!), they soon realized how accomodating, hospitable and approachable our host were. We even got to Krispy Kreme donuts and drinks out of this. It makes it difficult to square the image of muslims that we see in the media and the experience we had here.

After the lecture, most of us went to Woody's Oasis for debrifing. Long live falafels!!

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