Friday, April 28, 2006


Circle day gets very interesting when there are diverse points of views. We were very happy and lucky to host the Islamic Students Association of East Lansing High School today.
Students got a chance to ask questions (any questions) to the East Lansing teens. When the questions are annonymous, they tend to be very candid and sometimes quite thought provoking. Most of the muslim teens were born in the US and it was interesting to see that dispite appearances, they are very much like any other Grand Ledge student.
We spoke about hijab (modest covering), dating, immigration, terrorism, school, muslim parents, muslim culture and traditions, etc. The beautiful EL girls were so confident, interesting and open that it was very confortable to ask questions. They also had questions for us.
The object of this exercise was to disolve the islamophobic stereotypes. After speaking to these very cool girls, it becomes very difficult to be afraid of Islam...

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