Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day 2
Christmas in Malabo

Christmas here is celebrated very differently than in Michigan. For starters, no one goes to bed on Christmas Eve, instead everyone goes out in the streets and party hops! You visit family and friends from house to house and eat and dance with them in their patios. Everyone’s African music is played very loudly and it spills out in the streets. As you walk down the street on your way to your next visit, you can easily get caught up in an impromptu side walk dance with complete strangers. This goes on all night! My poor Midwestern meat-n-potato fed body could not keep up with the athletic endurance of my cousins.
Oh yeah, they also outlaw cars and driving during the new year´s celebrations. It is a good thing cause the street drinkin´, dancin´and carryin' on would get messy with mad cars racin' in the street.
The picture collage is of my cousin Manolo's Christmas eve party.

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