Friday, December 22, 2006


I am actually still travelling. It will take me 48 hrs to get there thru London, England and Madrid, Spain. I will arrive there on Christmas Eve in the afternoon.
You can get there before I do. Click here to see where I will be staying (my parents house). On the left hand side of the image, you will see a zoom lever. Click on the minus sign at the very bottom of the lever. With each click you will get an idea of where Malabo, Equatorial Guinea is. Reverse the action and you will see what I will see as I arrive.

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Anonymous said...

Heyy Mrs. Ragats! [this is Dayle]
How are things in Africa? We didn't get any snow here in Michigan. Actually it didn't really even feel like Christmas with no snow. Bri and I were wondering what excatly the extra credit is. If you could e-mail me at, that would be great. Thanks!
Have A Great Trip & Happy new Year.